Farah Dini

Farah Dini

The reason I have my very own personal blog talking about what I love to do, is not because i want to be a professional blogger or whatever. Its because sometimes i’m having this short term memory loss which is kinda annoying hahahah.

I just want to remember every single thing that i have experienced , whether its good or bad. That’s why I write a blog, to remind me of my past experiences so i can read it over and over again and maybe someday my kids will read her mommy’s blog too *no i dont have any kids yet, if you wonder*

I’m Farah Dini by the way. You can call me Dini or Farah whatever doesn’t really matter. This is actually my second blog. I have another blog which is talking about personal finance. I’m an independent financial planner and a financial planning book author  who doesn’t like to talk about money all the time. I’m also a human being who has some hobbies which happen to be traveling , culinary and whatever i find it interesting. I love the beach, that’s why most of my travel story is always talking about me being on the beach. I was born in Samarinda, lived there for 14 years and then moved to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for high school, spent there for 3 years then moved again to Kuala Lumpur for college and university. Spent another 4 years there and then in October 2009, I moved to Jakarta. I definitely move from Jakarta someday, to a place with the beach.

My goals are to have a beach house and resorts ahhahahaha..AMIEEEN to that!!!!


2 thoughts on “Farah Dini

  1. Salam kenal.
    Saya tertarik dengan tulisan Pahawang menjadikan kami sekeluarga lebaran ini mau ke sana. Ada saran ndak kalau bawa keluarga sebaiknya menginap dimana? dan barang kali ada contac person di sana. thank.

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