A Sweet Escape !

I had been working every weekend for almost 2 months in a row

I had been stuck in crazy traffic every single day

I had been listening to people got angry, screaming, yelling, and all sort of things.

All i needed at that moment was a quick get away

Just a couple of days to get my mind off everything before i went insane

I  booked my flight to Bali on Thursday, the 11th May because it was a public holiday and i took a day off the next day. So I had 4 days and 3 night to spend in Bali. After I booked the flight, I needed to decide what my plan was when I arrived.,What my actual purpose to get away.

So I felt like i needed a retreat. I came across this website http://www.bookyogaretreats.com and I picked a wellness and yoga retreat that was the cheapest with the shortest length of time which was 4D3N (Some of the retreats are up to 7 to 10 days) .

What is a retreat? and why do i need a retreat?

A retreat can be defined as a quiet or secluded place in which one can rest and relax, but it also can be defined as a time to spend away from a normal life for the purpose of reconnecting with your own mind, body and soul. You know like what Julia Roberts did in the movie Eat,Pray,Love :p

Anyway, I felt like there were so much noise around me, i couldn’t even hear my own thought, i hadn’t taken care of my body as i used to , and i felt so disconnected with my own feeling.

It was a pretty quick decision. I booked the package from that website right away without further thinking.

The hotel that provided the package was OM HAM RETREAT & RESORT. I honestly hadn’t heard about this place before. It was located at Tegallalang, Ubud.

Due to the flight delayed, I was supposed to arrive in Bali around 16.20, but instead I arrived at Ubud around 8 ish PM. I didnt realized it took more than an hour to reach Tegallalang hahaha.

Anyway, when I arrived, I was supposed to get this foot massage but since it was quite late, I could do it the next day. At the receptionist, the person in charge explained to me about the package and I also received a small gift in a small silver box. There were three little bottles, which contained of a mosquito spray and a two massage oil.

I went to my room, took a shower and went to sleep. The next day, according to the schedule, I had a yoga class at 9 AM, so I went to the class. I hadn’t done yoga in such a long time, so my body flexibility was suck. But I enjoyed it anyway. There were around 10 – 12 people in that yoga class and all of them are foreigners, all white. I was the only Indonesian there beside the yoga guru.

After Yoga, I had my foot massage and a full body massage which were included in the package. AWESOME!

Anyway, these are the things that included in the retreat package :

  • 3 nights accommodation (nice room by the way, i had no complaint)
  • Flower foot bath upon arrival
  • In Room Spa flower bath arrangement (Deluxe & Suite room only) –
  • All gourmet meals (daily breakfast, 2 lunch, 2 dinner)
  • Afternoon tea
  • Daily rejuvenate spa treatments (1 time full body massage and 1 time facial)
  • Daily Yoga asana
  • Motivational message of the day
  • Spa and retreat gift

I was in the deluxe room, which cost me Rp.4.310.000,- and if you happen to bring another person sharing the room with you, that person will only have to pay Rp.1.788.000,- (Rate on May 2017) .

Oh I love the food! They have all these healthy food option for you. I loved the Ayam Bakar , I ate it twice while I was there.

For lunch, you can choose from the ala carte menu 1 appetizer, 1 main course and 1 drink and for dinner you can have a dessert too. Seriously, I couldn’t even finish them, it was too much.

At night, you can meet this spiritual guru and you can consult with him. I didnt do any consultation though. But I enjoyed the night tour around the temple near the hotel.

During the tour, I met this friendly woman from New Zealand who also lives in Jakarta. She’s a mother of two who does a voluntary work. We talked during dinner  the next day and she told me the reason she was there was that she needed to get away and to had a me time which she hadn’t had for a  very long time. (What every mothers need i suppose).

I finished 2 books during this trip. A non fictional that I brought with me and a fictional book which I borrowed from the restaurant’s book collection.

My last day in Om Ham, I decided to rent a car and did a 10 hours day tour. It cost me Rp.400.000,- include the driver. First stop was Kintamani. I had my lunch at Kintamani with the view of the Gunung Batur.

2nd stop was a coffee plantation called Satria. This was my first time to visit a coffee plantation. I found it interesting. When i entered the plantation, I saw some civet in the cage. They are famous for producing the most expensive coffee called Luwak. The lady who gave me a tour explained the process of making luwak Coffee. Yes Luwak comes from the coffee beans plucked from civets’ feces (There are some pro and cons for this process).

In that plantation, they also planted vanilla beans, cacao tree, ginger, lemongrass, and many more. The lady led me to the cafe to enjoy the free drink testers. She brought me 12 mini cute cups. They were ginseng coffee, coconut coffee, moccacinno, vanilla coffee, lemongrass, mangosteen, etc. I ended up buying few of them at their gift shop.

After spending quite a lot of time and money at that gift shop  , I went to the next destination which were the tegalalang rice terrace. I only spent less than 30 minutes there, and then I decided to go to silver and gold shop. I bought some pendant for my necklace and an earring.

The driver was very friendly and informative. On the way back to the hotel, he told me a lot of stuff about Bali, which got me thinking no wonder lots of people fall in love with Bali. It has a lot to offer. The beach, the mountain, the waterfall, the culture, the people, the spiritual teaching etc etc.

I went to Bali again the following month for Hari Raya holiday with my mother. I will post about it later.

I did enjoy my short escape from the hustle bustle of Jakarta life. That was actually my first time traveled to Bali without going to the beach. I gotta tell you, i felt something was missing haha.

But the retreat was great!!!You gotta try it…I could finally hear my own thought again HAHA!


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